Heathwood Story

The Heathwood Story, Home at Last®!

At Heathwood, we know what it means to feel 'Home At Last®'. . . and the pleasure that comes with arriving home and relaxing with your loved ones after a long day's work or a weekend away.

As the owner of a Heathwood Home, you'll enjoy the feeling of being “Home at Last®" too, from the time you drive into your neighbourhood to the moment you step through the front door. After all, this is where you live your life. And at Heathwood, we do everything we can to ensure you experience a deep and deeply satisfying pride of ownership. . . in a place that holds your family's memories of the past and dreams of the future.

At Heathwood Homes, our goal is to make you feel comfortable not only in your choice of location but, just as importantly, comfortable in your choice of builder. We've built our reputation brick by brick over the past two decades, enjoying a level of success derived directly from the skills of our people. From our experienced construction personnel to our hands on management team, everyone in the company pursues the highest standards of quality in its many forms. All are consummate professionals, with a pride of workmanship that is reflected in both the design and construction of every new home that bears our brand.

Known for integrity and innovation, Heathwood is dedicated above all to customer satisfaction. So we invite you to come home to quality. . . come home to value. . . come home to Heathwood Homes!